Important Message

Export to New Zealand

Bespokes of London are proud to offer an exemplary range of cars, pre-owned and new, for our customers, available for export to New Zealand. We can always source a specific vehicle to suit your specification; additionally, our team can arrange for any bespoke or aftermarket modifications to be carried out on your new investment. Once your order is confirmed we'll cover everything from the collection, inspection and delivery to your chosen centre in New Zealand. As a result of our years of experience, we've established strong links with logistics and shipping companies to ensure you get the best deal. Use our car configurator to spec your perfect car and get a quote from us!

Services included:

  • Shipping from our chosen port of either Felixstowe or Southampton, England to the Port of Auckland, Wellington, Lyttleton, Tauranga, Napier or Port Chalmers Nelson
  • UK Customs entry
  • New Zealand Customs entry
  • MPI bodywork inspection and cleaning if necessary
  • New Zealand Structural Border Inspection
  • Insurance cover whilst the vehicle is in our care
  • Final delivery to a centre of your choice local to the port of delivery in New Zealand

*Any local taxes are not included in the quote price*

Shipping from the UK

We have the ability to export vehicles of all shapes and sizes. We take charge of all paperwork and checks necessary to import the vehicle from Ministry of Primary Industries clearance and New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) Structural Inspection clearance. These checks are all performed at the chosen port the vehicle is being shipped from. Transporting the vehicle by container is the best way for us to guarantee the safety and security of your new vehicle.

Our process

  • We arrange the collection of your vehicle from either the manufacturer or other reputable dealer and deliver the vehicle to our UK office for the inspection process.
  • The vehicle is then inspected inside and out, photographed and prepared for export
  • On arrival at the port it will be photographed once again and a gate-in survey completed. The report will then be sent to us before we pass it on to you
  • To avoid complications in New Zealand the Ministry of Primary Industries Bio Security Standards for New Zealand will inspect the vehicle
  • Your vehicle will then be subjected to its first preliminary structural check to the New Zealand Transport Agency standards by a professional independent company.
  • Once cleared your car will be secured in its container and further pictures will be taken and sent to you to confirm the container number and ship it will be transported on
  • Upon arrival in New Zealand the vehicle will be delivered to the centre of your choice

What our package includes:

  • Delivery to the port of Auckland, Wellington, Lyttleton, Tauranga, Napier and Port Chalmers Nelson
  • Delivery of the vehicle to a pre-agreed centre, local to the port of delivery
  • UK Customs entry
  • Ministry of Primary Industries Bio Hazard Inspection and clean if required
  • NZTA Transport Agency Structural Border Inspection
  • Insurance cover whilst the vehicle is in our care
  • UK clearances and handling